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Full Version: Weak Hash error, please help!
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im suffering from "Weak Hash" error, cone some one explaint what am i doing wrong? i searched through forums, but didnt find anything worth.

im using nVidia GTX 460 / windows 7 x64 / cudaHashcat-plus64.exe
[Image: 277358ac094030061967e85d9501a3fe.png]

[Image: e67817839fcf62632cd265863c31b5fa.png]
Seems hash you want to decrypt is empty string.
how can it be ? i have a list of hashes, aroun 100 - 200 in this file
You can't see that they are all the same !
Uniq your list first.
thx alot for advice, i have cheked file with KeyWordKeeper, now everything is okey, thx alot once again!