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Full Version: Don't show cracked password in console
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Hi everybody!

I know my question little bit stupid, but I would like to somebody help me...
My problem is:
When ocl-hashcat found a password, the program write the console.

Can I disable these function somewhere?

Really appreciate every answer!
The options are all listed in the output of "oclHashcat --help" :

- you can use the -o cracked.txt (or --outfile=cracked.txt ) option to change the output file handle
- you can use the --output-format NUM option to, for instance, only output the hash[Confusedalt] (NUM=1, or other formats, see --help)
- you can use --disable-potfile (if you do NOT want that the plains end up in a pot file)
i frequently use ''-o /dev/null'' and just let hashcat write to hashcat.pot. or, i use ''-o whatever.pot --disable-potfile'' to write to a specific pot file.
May I don't ask clearly.
I upload a picture and I draw arrow which I don't want to see in the console.

Are there any solution?
you asked clearly, and you received correct answers. the only thing you weren't clear on was the fact that you use windows, so you don't have /dev/null, but you can use nul instead. but -o is what you want nonetheless.