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Full Version: Strange Mask Attack Ouput
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Today i tryied to crack some ip's so i made a mask which runs trough all possibel ip's.
But i get another output as the mask should deliver.
Here is the example:
Mask that cracked this pw: .,123456789,?2?d?1?2?d?1?2?d?1?2?d
Its strange because the mask should only ouput pw like this:

Can somebody tell me, what is happening here?

I use oclhashcat 1.00b49 with an AMD Radeon hd6950 Flex Edition and catalyst 13.9, running windows 7 64-bit.
hey TrAnn3l...
the problem here is that "." is a valid file in your path. Therefore it is treated as a path to a charset file.

As far as I know... devs are still discussing if charset file paths in *.hcmask files make sense or not. But since the first 4 (optional) sections are considered similar to the -1 -2 -3 -4 from the command line, this was the straightforward approach to use the same parsing/file-handling routines also for hcmask files.

you could rewrite your hcmask file line as:
and it should (hopefully) not report any wrong result
Okay, that makes sense, thanks for this fast answer Smile