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Full Version: which laptops work best with hashcat
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Hi group, I was wondering which laptops currently in the market are most compatible with hashcat for GPU cracking. I have an older laptop with Nvidia and installed CUDA which was a huge installation and still the CUDA DLL is not found! I would like to get a newer laptop and was wondering if there are any compatible ones with minimun hassle for this task. Thanks everyone in advance.
laptops arent made to sustain high temps that the gpu's will reach. I would advise against it.
I have ASUS U38DT with AMD Radeon HD 7600G and AMD Radeon HD 8500 OEM. With the latest beta Catalyst I can even use both of them at once. Of coruse, I have been trying oclHashcat on them and most of the time they were at ~65 °C, but I didn't let them work too long. As radix wrote, notebooks are totally not made for such a applications. You can easily destroy yours if you will let its card work too long, but it's great to have such a cards in your notebook when you need to bruteforce only, I don't know, 6 numbers and you're outside. Otherwise, don't use notebooks for passwords cracking.
(11-25-2013, 07:22 AM)radix Wrote: [ -> ]laptops arent made to sustain high temps that the gpu's will reach. I would advise against it.

Real bullshit from a person who never run hc on laptops. I have a Packard Bell TS 11 SB. It has 2 cards - 7670M and 6620G. Together they give out some 30,000 p/s. Temps don't get up higher than 72-75C even after a night of cracking. All my previous laptops also never overheated. I don't understand where all these stoopid fables about burning overheated laptops come from, who composes them.