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Full Version: hashcat-plus 0.14 support
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Hello, I'd like to ask to the developers if they are planning to support hashcat-plus 0.14 in the next stable release of catalyst.
I know 0.15 is out but in some circumstances using the 0.14 is damn faster than the newer.
The speed difference I notice with my 1 Ghz HD7990 is 46 Million per core with hashcat 0.15 against 62 Million with hashcat 0.14 and a HD 7970 950 Mhz.
Read carefully this tread please.

(12-02-2013, 02:39 PM)eljolot Wrote: [ -> ]Read carefully this tread please.


Thanks but I already read and it can't help.
I use latest ATI 7990 and it doesn't work with catalyst 13.4, only option is to have a beta driver and use hashcat-plus 0.15.
On the other side I already optimized all my dictionary for hashcat-plus 0.15 but the performance loss is still too high.
I know this trouble only exist on the latest 7990 cards but maybe the developers can be interested in maintaining hashcat-plus 0.14 for few time more to take advantage in cracking passwords < 15.
no, sorry, please switch to v0.15 (or v1.00 soon)