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Full Version: Completely Stuck, some help would be appreciated!
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Hello guys,

I am busy for a few hours now working on a string trying to decode it.
I tried everything but nothing seems to work. And I am kind of stuck now.

This is the string: "<removed>".

Tried to use hashcat to decode it. With lots of wordlists but no progress.
I was hoping one of you guys could give me some help.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forums. Since you neglected to follow the rules, I have locked your account for a week and closed this thread. Please take the 7 days to read the forum rules, after which, I hope you become a useful member of this community. We don't like hand holding around here, so if it doesn't take the full week for you to complete your reading, you can head over to the wiki and educate yourself before posting a question that is already listed in the existing documentation.