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Full Version: Overclock 9 290X? What is the safe limit?
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Hey guys,

I acquired a R9 290X it should arrive this week. I was reading other topics and experiences with this card appears to be very new. I'm just curious if someone overclocked it and what were the results.

I was looking and MSI has a product called "R9 290X GAMING 4G" that appears to come overclocked up to 1040Mhz and it looks nice.


I'm curious if any card from any brand is able to be overclocked any this clock or if this MSI has any special cooling system to support it.

The current limitation is really heat? I mean, with liquid cooling can I overclock it for example to 1100Mhz without issues?

Sure I want to be safe and prevent my card to burn or something like that, so I'm just considering, even because I don't have a practical idea of how much this overclock will help with my daily tasks.

cooling is not an issue with this gpu. you can push it to 1100 Mhz without any issues at all as long as you push the fan to 100%. the highest i've gotten the clocks without overvolting is 1150 core, 1500 mem. no cooling problems at all.

also keep in mind the default target temperature for this card is 95C. so it is designed to run a lot warmer than previous GPUs.
Very cool. Reference design? Thanks.
always reference design.
Awesome, thanks so much.