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Full Version: Some rules for mask_attack
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I'm a brand new user for hashcat and I need help with something. I just lost my own password and I'm trying to get it. I'm mask attacking to the hash but the problem is it takes so much time. The thing I entered is this one.
oclHashcat64.exe -m 5200 -a 3 -1 bNJh123456789! -o cracked.txt 123.psafe3 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
And the thing that I know about my password is bN and Jh is like that. For example my password could be something like that 57bN48Jh3!
How do I make "bN" and "Jh" like that so it just take this two character as one? And it was just an example since my password can be either 7-8-9-10 characters. (I'm not really sure)

Thanks for advance
You will have to enumerate all masks one by one for each length in a mask file (.hcmask). It will take time to make that file but after it should be quick to crack since the maximum keyspace that you will have to cover is 6 (10 minus 4 for the bN and Jh). Examples for the mask file:


EDIT: Ok. I don't know what speed you will have for this algo so it might not be that quick but it's definitely feasible.
Also make sure to remove bN and jH from -1 when doing what mastercracker suggested
Thank you so much, I'll try to do that now.
Yes! After 3 days, I just paused the other one and try this one. It found immediately! Thank you so much ^^