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Full Version: Laptop with GeForce or Radeon M series
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First, sorry , but my english is not so good to describe my problem, but I try write here all what I want ...

I want to use laptops to SL3 counting. I know , that`s is not good idea, but I want try...
Last 3 days i try, but still without results. I can use many laptops with the best cards on the market ( Ge Force GT-780M or Ati 6xxx or 7xxx series) but the problem is ( i think so ) with hashcat and support for these cards.
Could any say me, it`s possible these cards with ocl hashcat or maybe I want to use hashcate ?

Which version of ocl hashcat or hashcat should I use on Win7 (It can be Win8) This is not a Problem.
I want to use Martech SL3 program.

Could any one help me ?