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Full Version: [solved] Problem sorting dictionary file
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I'm trying to sort a huge (2gb) dictionary file.

I tried the hashcat tools, but had zero result.
With gnuwin utils, I tried sort.exe, gsort.exe, cat.exe

cat 20_04found.dic | sort | uniq > 20_04founduniq.dic
sort 20_04found.txt | uniq > 20_04foundu.txt
gsort 20_04found.txt | uniq -u >20_04foundu.txt

They all stopped after 163mb from a 2GB file.
I changed the file encoding to utf8, to ascii,and windows ...
but it didn't help.

How can I prevent the sorting process to stop at certain characters?
Or is there a good alternative working on windows 64bit

Thank you for replying
it sounds like you are hitting and EOF character but i could be wrong.
how much free disk space do you have?
First of all, thank you for your help!

it sounds like you are hitting and EOF character
If this is the reason, how can I remove these 'End Of File' characters or keyboard characters when they are not read? How can I recognise them?

how much free disk space do you have?
I have 16Gb Ram, but a primary drive (C) of only 128Gb (SD) with 22Gb free space and a second drive of 1Tb split in two (200=D with 130Gb free, 800=E with 250Gb free space)
Somebody usually suggests ULM at this point.
Thanks for solving my problem "Kgx Pnqvhm".

ULM could handle my 2gb file.
I downloaded the latest version of sort64.exe (15.2.2014) from the CLi-package on unifiedlm, which handled the task ....
It also managed to remove the duplicates

Sort64.exe -i file_in -u -o file_out

Finaly a nice cleaned dic.

Thank you
(04-21-2014, 02:42 AM)tibit Wrote: [ -> ]Finaly a nice cleaned dic.

Thank you

you might want to re word that lol