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Full Version: add feature to LM crack
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May be to make that LM dump perceived from pwdump as a one passwd(as on L0phtCrack)
no deal split on two parts

not to do it:
cut -d : -f 3 dump > 1
cut -c 1-16 1 > 2
cut -c 17-32 1 >> 2
hc -m 3000 2 dic.txt

just do it:
hc -m 3001 1 dic.txt

leave -m 3000 - for LM one hash
add -m 3001 - read and crack LM as double hash
feature requests go on trac, not the forums
Man, I have no idea what you are saying...
I have a couple of scripts I run, which splits the hash into a first and second. Then I crack though all of them and compile in one file. Once I am done I run another script that reassembles them. Seems to work pretty good.
Oh and if you look at the top there is a link called trac, you can go there and register an account. Once you have an account you can put in feature requests such as the one you just proposed and the developers will consider adding it to hashcat.
On linux you can use
fold -w 16 hashes32.txt >  hashes16.txt

On windows, download GNU utils : http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages...ls-bin.htm
Why bother with this excess broken hash and then collect the pieces in the whole passwords. LM weak hash does not need to break in two part, it is better to brute the whole piece at once.
I would like to clarify
double hash are reading by HC as 2 hash separately and bruteforce in prior algoritm.
and shows a whole password only when the two pieces are broken.

both sides will be found in any case in a very short time