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Full Version: How to remove duplicates with different spacing?
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An earlier version of oclHashcat had an option:
--cleanup-rules, remove rules that couldn't be used or have duplicates

Then more recently, it was removed to a separate, standalone hashcat-util, cleanup-rules.

But it doesn't remove duplicates.

Using the text-based rli can do it where the text is identical, but how about cases where the rules is the same, but written differently? E.g., in the venerable d3ad0ne.rule, there is both $2$0$0$0 and $2 $0 $0 $0.

Since spaces and also be arguments to command, one can't just use eliminate all the spaces.

Are there existing hashcat programs to do this, or should I make a request on the TRAC to add this to cleanup-rules?
Atom closed the TRAC ticket, so I'll continue the discussion here.

It would seem that command line utilities with regular expressions could do the job, but they don't have the awareness of where spaces are just formatting niceties vs. actual arguments.