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Full Version: Combine specific hcchr with ?d?l?u..
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How can I combine ?d with german character set (german.hcchr) ?

-1 ?dgerman.hcchr
does not work (prints Usage)

The .hcchr files should contain all chars that are part of your custom charset.

Therfore, the simplest solution is to modify the .hcchr file s.t. it contains also the additional chars you need.
E.g. german_and_digits.hcchr which contains the whole content of german.hcchr + 0123456789 in the first line of the hcchr file.

Afterwards you can use -1 german_and_digits.hcchr as your new custom charset w/ ?1?1?1?1... etc mask
You can also do: -1 german.hcchr -2 ?1?d and then use ?2 in mask