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Full Version: oclHashcat new features / algorithms
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Here's a list of unsupported hashes or other feature that we think they could be interessting to add to oclHashcat.

Which one is the most important for YOU?
  • Poll will be active till 19.10.2014
  • Select only one item
  • Do not cheat / create fake accounts
Feel free to drop other interessting features or algorithm in here

Note: There is no guarantee to add the most selected item, it's more like we want to get a feeling what users want.
This list looks very familiar Tongue
Thanks for this opportunity atom Smile

Arrrggghhh !!! I want so many of those items listed it's hard to pick 1 LOL

Can you please clarify something for me ?

I notice you have included the option "No new algorithm, add table-lookup attack", however this is for oclhashcat.

We once discussed adding table-lookup attack to oclhashcat some time ago and you said that it was impossible to do, due to the way oclhashcat worked.

As the option is now offered, can I assume you have cleverly managed to work it out ? Smile Or is this option available so you spend your time trying to implement it, which presumably is not guaranteed to actually work ?

It's nice to see the RAR and Zip options at last !!

My mind is going to be in torment until the 19.10.14 now !!! I suggest members whose user-name has the word "Hash" in it should get 3 votes. Big Grin

If I could vote twice I'd vote for both Adobe PDF and Apple DMG
I know JTR suports cracking .zip files, it would be cool if oclhashcat could also.
I'd like to see support for password protected archives so I can switch from other tools to oclhashcat.
I've really wanted rar/zip support for a long time.

I would love to have bitcoin support but sha-512 with 50+ iterations is kinda pointless in my opinion. I've used other tools, with my 3x 270x's, and only gotten 100-200 h/s
Voted for 7Z due to its kosherness, but would like to see all those rars/zips supported, eventually.
I am really happy you guys added support for SAP B-code and G-code. But a nice extra feature would be support for the SAP H-code. See http://www.daniel-berlin.de/security/sap...lgorithms/
(10-08-2014, 08:35 PM)Rolf Wrote: [ -> ]would like to see all those rars/zips supported, eventually.

Good point, it would be nice if the options above grouped all archive algorithms as one option. It's very hard for members to pick one archive type as they are all important.

Also as K9 said, oclhashcat supporting archives would allow us to use oclhashcat 100% and not have to rely on other software at all.

If the option for archives was grouped to include all archives I would have to pick that as my choice.

Otherwise the power of the table-lookup attack is too tempting to not vote for it Smile
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