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Full Version: Advice Regarding Reference Design GPU's
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Hi everyone, I'm a long time user of hash cat an I'm looking at buying a new GPU to replace my dying 5970's. I don't seem to do as much hash related stuff as I used to and whatever card I buy will be used more so for gaming.

In light of the power efficiency improvements and improved hash performance I've been leaning towards the new 970/980 Nvidia cards.

In the past I've seen a lot of recommendations for buying reference design cards as opposed to OEM design. So I was wondering what issues (aside from the cost Wink ) I could expect with buying an Asus "Strix DirectCU II 4GB" or Gigabyte "G1 Gaming" edition GPU compared to the cheaper reference cards? Are there heat management issues because the cards being targeted towards gaming? Or are there issues with using them in the larger Tyan style chassis because of size issues? Because after a few years of running crossfired 5970's, I don't anticipate running a multi-gpu setup again anytime soon.

Thanks in advance,

I don't think heat is much of an issue in a single-gpu system.
Thanks for the reply undeath. Glad to know there won't be any heat issues with running a non-reference design.