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Full Version: how to calculate possible Bitcoin-Mining revenue
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I am wondering if it would be a good idea to use a Tyan server
(e.g. a FT77A) with 4 GPU for mining Bitcoins (I am not sure if the FT77
can be populted with 8 of the newest/most powerful AMD GPUs)....

How can the Bicoin-mining performance of a system like a Tyan server
(e.g. a FT77A) with 4 or 8 GPU (the newest AMD GPUs) be estimated/calculated
(during 1/one day) ?

Any feedback is appreciated very much. Thank you!


I don't know to what extent the GPU-performance estimation page of
Ivon Golubev(www.golubev.com) could be helpful for such a calculation...
gpu mining is long dead. you missed the boat by a couple years. also incredibly off topic.