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Full Version: FIJI XT ALIAS RADEON R9 390X
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Some infos about this new generation from amd

20 nm production on Q1/2015
High Bandwith Memory , up to 512 GByte per Second
HBM 3D Stacked Memory is up to 9X Faster Than GDDR5
Maybe watercooled like the 295x one, so it must consume massive watts Wink
4224 Stream Proc. / 264 Texture unit. / 96 Rops / core clock 1Ghz / Memory bus 512 bit
no more facts available.... but if you know more , make this a Fantread and write it down...

[Image: 2014-09-12_21-32-10.jpg]

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Here's what the green boys are coming up with:
[Image: gtx_01.jpg]
[Image: fiji_01.jpg]
According to Russian sources, the memory throughput is 66% faster and compute performance is 50% better versus R9 290X.
A single Fiji would crack an MD5 hash at around 17500M p/s.
It's time to move HD6990 into ebay, just how to remember were did I put their original cooler's Big Grin