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Hey guys, I want to grab one more GPU soon.
So some guy on other hash cracking forum told me Radeon is better than Nvidia because it has more cores?

I have currently AMD Radeon R7 240 2gb ram 128bit

Now what should i grab next? Nvidia or Radeon ?

I mean which one is better really of them?

I'm going to use it only for hashcracking bruting actually.. What do you suggest me?
I'm looking for something up to 300$
A R9 280X would serve you nicely.

Btw, I am the "some guy" on InsidePro you speak of.
Ohh hello there 'some guy' Big Grin Big Grin

Thank you buddy, I'm waiting for others.. Tongue
AMD is no longer better than Nvidia. I'd highly recommend you pick up a GTX 980 if you can afford it. R9 290X if you can't. Used 7970 if you can't afford that, either.
(01-05-2015, 02:34 AM)epixoip Wrote: [ -> ]AMD is no longer better than Nvidia. I'd highly recommend you pick up a GTX 980 if you can afford it. R9 290X if you can't. Used 7970 if you can't afford that, either.

I've been looking into them now can you explain me something... i've seen GTX 980 and GTX 780-Ti

980 is around: 800$
780-Ti is around: 1100$

What is difference? o.O

Also is it important how much bits it has? 256,384,512?
Just because a card is more expensive does not mean it will be better for hash cracking. Graphics cards are designed for graphics, and just because a card is better than another at pushing pixels, doesn't mean it will be better for compute. With Nvidia GPUs, you have to ignore everything prior to the Maxwell microarchitecture, as they are not good for hash cracking. The GTX 980 is the first Nvidia card in 6+ years that is actually good at hash cracking, and in fact slaughters AMD in anything that involves memory.

Bus width matters, but it's not what you should be primarily looking at. What matters most is the instruction set and the number of instructions that can be executed per second, neither of which you will find in the marketing docs. Power consumption and cooling capabilities are important as well. We always buy reference design cards when possible as OEM-design cards are designed for gaming workloads and cannot keep up with compute workloads, especially in multi-GPU setups.

The best cards for hash cracking are, in order of performance & preference:

01. Nvidia GTX Titan X reference design
02. Nvidia GTX 980 Ti reference design
03. Nvidia GTX 980 reference design
04. Nvidia GTX 970 "reference design"
05. AMD R9 290X reference design
06. AMD Radeon HD 7970 reference design
07. AMD Radeon HD 7950 "reference design"
08. Nvidia GTX 960 (any)
09. Nvidia GTX 750Ti (any)

The 7990 is omitted from this list because it is a nightmare to deal with (too much heat and power, insufficient cooling.) The R9 295X2 is omitted from this list because it is a wretched abomination. The R9 280X is omitted from this list because a 280X is just a re-badged 7970, and there are no reference design cards marketed as a 280X. And as we all know, buying non-reference cards for hash cracking is a really bad idea.
I just throw a look into those u said and i found this:
AMD Radeon R9 290X Gigabyte OC 4GB DDR5


GeForce GTX980 Gigabyte G1 4GB DDR5

Radeon is cheaper but have bigger BUS width
Both of the cards you listed are OEM-design cards, not reference design cards, and will not be good for hash cracking.

Again, bus width isn't really what you need to be looking at. Do not make your decision based on that.

Since you only have a budget of $300, this is what you should be looking for:

What about Nvidia'a GTX 970?
Ah shit, I forgot about the GTX 970. Will edit my post.
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