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Full Version: Users & pot file
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Hey, I've got question, is there any way to save cracked hashes with Usernames actually?

I use Username Ignore option but when i run it shows in found file only passwords not usernames?

About POT file.. example from my list i want to crack it says example found 3k hashes in POT file, but it doesnt move that found hashes actually in found folder it just removes them from cracking list? Any idea about it?
See https://hashcat.net/trac/ticket/567 . cpu hashcat currently does not have this feature, but next version 0.50 will allow you to use --show --username (well, indeed it works already with 0.49 when you do not change the --outfile-format but next version of cpu hashcat will support that too).

oclHashcat does support --username together with --show (and --outfile-format) already. If you have a amd or nv gpu, you can just use oclHashcat also only to use --show --username together with your .pot file.

How --show works:
--show is always used after cracking (i.e. when cracking is already finished)
the general idea is like this:
1. oclHashcat -m 0 --username hash.txt dict.txt # cracking
2. oclHashcat -m 0 --username --show --outfile-format 2 hash.txt #show all user:pass combinations

So again, --show is not used in step 1 (when you start cracking), but after that when already all cracked hashes are in your .pot file
im using oclhashcat not normal hashcat Smile