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Full Version: how to change the way of saving hash in output file ?
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I meant if i use this command :
hashcat-cli64.exe -n 2 -m 0  --outfile=cracked.txt --remove hash.txt wordlists/

the hash remove from hash.txt and save in cracked.txt like " e682d15ca334eecf75b1b013fbd521d0:fulham "

is there anyway i can put email pass in hash.txt and after getting decrypt it save in cracked.txt like " email : decrypt hash " ?

Just curious Big Grin if yes then how ? thank you Smile
you cannot do this without additional steps
(02-18-2015, 12:59 AM)undeath Wrote: [ -> ]you cannot do this without additional steps

Oh additional steps like ?
well, actually it should work with --outfile-format=2 --username