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Full Version: Need Help With a new build plz!
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I need some advice a new password cracking build with a max budget of $10,000. Any suggestions?
If you just want something that works have a look at https://sagitta.systems/
I am comfortable with building something. And what they have seems over priced.
What kind of hashes will be your primary target? What kind of environment do you have? How many systems do you plan on getting and how do you plan to manage them?
MD5 and WEP hashes, as for the amount of systems it would just be the most amount of hashing power for a 10k budget.
ps. Is there a good mobo that I can use for the R9 295x2's?
Read some threads here about preferable graphic cards and the problems that come with multi-GPU systems. Sagitta has years of experience and delivers a free software to handle more than one unit. Building and handling a system with four GPUs is possible if you know what you're doing and plan it carefully. Spending ten grand on a multi-GPU-server-system that in the end does not function properly in lack of experience I find a risk not worth taken. But that's my personal opinion of cource.

Overpriced is a word I often hear by people who do not really get the complexity of a problem hence they have to make their own experiences.

The 295x2 is a bad idea to start planning a Hashcat system. More here in the forum.

So no offence Wink
alexalex9998, I'll assume you meant WPA and not WEP as WEP requires nothing more than the simple aircrack-ng suite and a cheap laptop due to the initialization vector attack we have matured over the years. Not to mention it's so rare to come across an SSID using that these days.

Here is what you can build: A motherboard such as GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD5 AMD 9 Series has 6 PCIe slots or Supermicro-X9DRX-F-B-Dual-LGA2011-Intel which has 11 PCIe slots. You can get a couple of 1200 or 1500 watt power supplies and daisy chain them safely with a little module from add2psu.com. You can use a long milk crate or a custom built aluminum/wood frame for mounting your GPUs. You'll want to use Ubuntu Server 11.04 LTS if you can. 1x-16x PCIe riser cables will make the spacing of your GPUs much easier for air flow. The best cards to use are either R9 290X or HD 7990. Yes, epixoip and his Sagitta systems are solid and if you are a company, a warranty and support are something that may be worth it's weight in gold rather than building your own rig and risk making a mistake. (Invictus is at your price range, but building your own rig would be cheaper and faster)

No matter how attractive Wikipedia says the GFLOPS are for the R9 295x2, trust us, they get too hot too easily, will throttle your workload, are a hassle to tweak/deal with and ultimately they will negatively impact your goals. Do not use them. Please spread this gospel.
(02-19-2015, 11:23 PM)logistix111 Wrote: [ -> ]You'll want to use Ubuntu Server 11.04 LTS if you can.

Nobody should want to use 11.04. Hashcat is developed and tested on 14.04 LTS so this is what you probably want to use.

(02-19-2015, 11:23 PM)logistix111 Wrote: [ -> ]The best cards to use are either R9 290X or HD 7990.

Acutally, the best cards you can currently get are 980 GTX.
Thank you very much for the help you guys. I'm thinking of going with the GTX 980's and the 11 slot SuperMicro. How much psu wattage do you think I will need and is a factory overclocked card buggy with hashcat? And are there any cheep server chaises that will fit the mobo?
Actually, the best card really depends on what you are talking about. Best for what? They each have strengths and weaknesses depending on what you are trying to crack. Refer to this for reference:

Granted, the new NVIDIA drivers have bumped some of these numbers for the GTX, but AMD still (currently anyway) has a clear lead for algorithms like descrypt.

Just saying.
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