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Full Version: External Laptop PCIe slot
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For some folks who just have a laptop, this little device may interest you: http://bit.ly/1vmrAKB

Granted, it's not as good of a solution as an ATX motherboard with multiple GPUs like most folks run, but everyone has different budgets or may want a more portable solution, etc. Combine this with the nVIDIA or AMD card that might already be in your laptop and you've got yourself a decent little rig.

Note: some laptops have their wireless card in this slot, therefore you may need a USB Wifi. Otherwise, you can use your laptop's Express Card slot if so equipped. Don't forget, you'll need a power supply if you are using a card such as the AMD 5800 series and up.
Thanks, interesting one. Seen something like this on alienware, but way more extensive.
yes it works I've done it but with the ExpressCard Bus version. I do have the the Mini-PCEi dongle as well but haven't had a chance to try it.

see my post in this thread