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Full Version: v1.33 is much slower than v1.21,Can anyone test it
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With my hashlist :
Speed of v1.31/1.32/1.33 :2400 MH/s
Speed of v1.21 :7000 Mh/s

I said it on my last post, but nobody believe me.
So I send the example hashlist and command to atom, but he refused to test it.

Can anyone test it ?

My example hashlist and command link is: http://www.jinniu.in/test.zip

My last post is : http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-3744.html

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Re: v1.33 is slower than v1.21,please test this with my hashlist
To: smile
smile Wrote:
atom Wrote:
smile Wrote:I wrote a thread that on http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-3744.html . and I found that v1.33 is still much slower than v1.21 .

I sent the hashlist to you, please test this on your computer?

The hashlist link is http://www.jinniu.in/test.zip

you did not use -w 3

It is still the same when I use -w 3
Speed of v1.33 :2400 MH/s
Speed of v1.21 :7000 Mh/s (290x on windows 2008 r2)
Have you tested it with my hashlist file yourself?

I don't like being PM't with questions like that. That's very selfish move. If you thnk there's a problem please post on forum or trac
(03-06-2015, 03:52 PM)undeath Wrote: [ -> ]did you read this thread? https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-4161.html

Yes, did you test my example?
I've reproduced the case, it's actually slower. Thanks for reporting!

But no worries, I already found the reason and fixed it. The bitmaps were optimized to run faster on a different hashlist size (much smaller one), but I an see that hashlist size around 500k is what we deal most of the time.

Old 1.33:

Quote:root@et:~/oclHashcat-1.34# ./oclHashcat64.bin 1015.notfound ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1 -a 3 -1 ?l?d -w 3 -o x
oclHashcat v1.33 starting...


Speed.GPU.#1...: 2184.6 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#2...: 2184.3 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#3...: 2184.0 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#*...: 6552.9 MH/s


New 1.34:
Quote:root@et:~/oclHashcat-1.34# ./oclHashcat64.bin 1015.notfound ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1 -a 3 -1 ?l?d -w 3 -o x
oclHashcat v1.34 starting...


Speed.GPU.#1...: 5119.4 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#2...: 5118.4 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#3...: 5118.2 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#*...: 15355.9 MH/s

Hi atom,

And where can we download the 1.34 version? Smile