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Full Version: GPU Rig Problem
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i have built an 6x 5970 Rig under exactly this Tutorial http://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=linux_server_howto

But now im facing my biggest problem. Let Linux recognise all the GPUs.

It seems like there is a limit for 8 GPUs in total so 4 Cards. If im adding an extra card, the last one is neither found with clinfo (Memory error) nor can i fetch the infos with amdconfig --adapter=all --odgt (Cant get GPU Temp). I have 8 Cards in total and changed the last one 3 times so im sure its not a faulty card(98%)

I am using an ASRock H61 Pro BTC http://www.amazon.com/ASRock-H61-BTC-Mot...61+Pro+BTC

with an i3 inside.

So anyone could help me solving my problem ?
Thank you very much.
AMD's driver only supports 8 GPUs max, nothing you can do about it.
Okay thanks. Now i Have enough PSUs and Cards to build another rig. Are there any tutorials in the wild to combine 2 rigs ?
not sure about tutorials but this can essentially combine two rigs
Thanks. I'll try hashtopus