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Full Version: dict attack with GPU
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i try to crack a truecrypt file that i know the password is a 3 word from a big list (16000 word (dict.dict)) and i have a 3 GPU

i write a command:
cudahashcat64.exe -a 7 -m 6211 c:\file.tc ?a?a?a dict.dict

the hachcat start and the program run only in 1 GPU. and the other GPU dont work.
how can i run in the other GPU to?
(04-15-2015, 11:46 AM)atom Wrote: [ -> ]you need to pipe:


what i need to write?

?a?a?a dict.dict | cudahashcat64.exe -a 7 -m 6211 c:\file.tc
Quote:$ mp64 ?a?a?a -o aaa.txt

Quote:$ combinator aaa.txt dict.dict | cudahashcat64.exe -m 6211 c:\file.tc