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Full Version: Ordering Dictionarys
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Ok so I just have one folder with all my wordlists in it which means slower cracking, so how do you have your dictionarys organized?

I just now seperated them from large wordlists to small ones but just wanted your opinion on how you have yours set up.
Just a couple of suggestions:

- You can keep the original wordlist in one folder if you want but you should have a folder where all the wordlist have unique entries. For example, this means that the word "password" cannot be in more than 1 wordlist. This will reduce the size of wordlists.
- Test the wordlists individually on hash list (with or without rules) and see which ones are the most effective and use only those ones. You can create your own super list based on passwords that comes up all the time.
- Once you consider that you have a decent selection of wordlists, you can group them together and split them by length. There should be an article in the wiki about the usefulness of list created that way.