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Full Version: SIP: search using the dictionary is not working.
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I found that hashcat can not find the password for the SIP-account using the dictionary. With HTTPBrute I calculated response to SIP-request (see the picture httpbrute.gif - it's just an example). Then I formed hash-file mytrunk1.hash:

Then I downloaded rockyou.txt (of about 137 megabytes), and add the password aM13xzv2h in the first row (see the picture rockyou.gif).
Launched hashcat:
hashcat-cli64 -m 11400 mytrunk1.hash rockyou.txt -o result_mytrunk1.txt

But if I run hashcat like this:
hashcat-cli64 -m 11400 -a 3 mytrunk1.hash ?l?u?d?dxzv?d?l -o result_mytrunk1.txt
that password is searched in less than 5 seconds.

What am I doing wrong?
You need to remove all extra characters around the correct password (remove all extra spaces, tabs etc)

Also why do you not simple create a new word list with just the correct password in it and troubleshoot if that works or not?

I tried to do the same and it works here (with rockyou.txt and a dedicated/new word list with just the single/correct password in it). Seems to be a problem on your side (pebkac ?).
I did as you said - has created a new dictionary file pass.txt and add the password. No additional characters (see picture pass.gif).
Start hashcat:
hashcat-cli64 -m 11400 mytrunk1.hash pass.txt -o result_mytrunk1.txt
And again - the password is not found. What you are using the OS? I'm using Windows 7 x64. Maybe this is the problem?

It's strange, but re-doing the same command produced a positive result. But now I need to check the file rockyou - to search for the real password. A rockyou still not working.

Update 2:
I found a problem. Dictionary file was still open in a text editor, when I ran the search. Although the file has already been saved to disk hashcat could not find the password. As soon as I closed the dictionary - hashcat immediately found the password.
It was pebkac, closed.