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Full Version: Help with - choosing the right grapchic card for MD5 (oclhashcat).
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Hi there, I am customizing a CPU from a friend, I understand that oclhashcat's benchmark for MD5 is [8581 Mh/s 2753 Mh/s 135232 Mh/s 92672 Mh/s]. So I plan to get this, however:

1) Which "AMD graphic card" should I buy to use MD5 oclhashcat?

2) Only this models support MD5? - AMD Radeon™ R9 series graphics?

Now I realize MD4 is faster. haha, anyways, could someone help answer please?
Congrats, you've managed to break three rules with your first three posts on the forums:

- Thread necromancy
- Double-posting
- Thread hijacking

Take a week off to familiarize yourself with the rules.