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Full Version: need to plain text of wpa2
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I'm having issue to bruteforce wpa2 with out gpu power. Its taking lot of time 

hashcat -m 2500 -a 3 -n 160 -1 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 --pw-min 8  zain.hccap -o found.txt ?u?d?u?u?d?u?d?d

Input.Mode: Mask (?u?d?u?u?d?u?d?d) [8]
Index.....: 0/1 (segment), 4569760000 (words), 0 (bytes)
Recovered.: 0/1 hashes, 0/1 salts
Speed/sec.: - plains, 3.50k words
Progress..: 86822540/4569760000 (1.90%)
Running...: 00:06:53:58
Estimated.: 14:20:17:51

I would appriciate if any one can try the file.just remove the .txt extension from end of file.
What is the password?
It looks like he doesn't know the password, simply wants us to crack it for him since he doesn't have a GPU. Therefore, he gets the banhammer.