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Full Version: R9 Fury/Fury X Benchmark
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Hi everybody, I'm new to the community. I know there has been a lot of talk of AMD putting together shit hardware and calling it gold, but has anyone done a benchmark test using the R9 Fury or Fury X? I'm planning on building a rig using 980Tis, but wanted to know how they compared to the Fury/Fury X since they are in the same price range. 

Thanks for your help.
We've been meaning to buy one to test (and subsequently throw off of the roof), but it's low priority for us. We already know how the card is going to perform.

The Fury X should benchmark very well, just as the 295X2 does. This is because benchmarks are short and bursty, which is precisely what the Fury X was designed for. But this will not translate into actual cracking performance, since this card will throttle hard under sustained loads. It has to, otherwise it will cause a fire.

Don't even consider the Fury X, just go with the 980Ti. You won't be disappointed.
@epixoip make sure you buy a spare motherboard with the FuryX purchase Wink
And a spare PSU, just to be sure.