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Full Version: Cracking descrypt
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Currently I'm trying to crack a 8 characters descrypt hash for research purposes.
Assuming upper and lower case, digits from 0-9 and 20 special characters for the password, there would be (26 * 2 + 30)^8 possibilities.
I started calculating and recognized that my laptop would not be very happy with such a task (15000 kH/s -> ~1500 days). Searching a bit I found this Sagitta Brutalis machine (1000 MH/s -> ~24 days). Sadly this thing is too expensive for me.
That's why I am here, is there any way to rent such a server or equivalent systems with similiar cracking speed? Is a FPGA a viable alternative for the task?
I'd also be very glad for other suggestions or hints, thank you.
For descrypt, FPGA is defenitely an alternative as they are really good in cracking DES, which is what descrypt bases on. Not sure if there's a cracker out there.
Here's one for ZTEX -- source code, but no bitstream.

I got those FPGA's (Autor is also organizer of Hashrunner competition and Team Hashcat won it) but I have no clue how to create the bitstreams. Any help would be appreciated as this guy isn't responding to my emails.