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Full Version: Build recommendation ~2.500€
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Hello guys,

I'm looking for a password-cracking build for about 2500€.
The machine should act as a Cracklord-resource (if you don't know what cracklord is: http://jmmcatee.github.io/cracklord/)... so it has to run Linux (I will probably Debian/Ubuntu)

Since I was looking for some nice builds, there came up some questions:
What are the best cards for this build? (e.g. 2x 980 ti || 1x titan x)
Is much RAM and a strong CPU important?

Thank you
Note that cracklord supports only a small subset of the advanced attack-modes from oclHashcat while it's those advanced attack-modes that a good cracker is looking for. Hashtopus and Hashstack (commercial) do have a much better control over them. I admit the cracklords webpage is good looking and it seems that they have a good marketing.
Thank you atom I didn't think about that.

/ But now back to my question, does someone have any recommendations? Either Cracklords hashcat plugin is going to be improved or I'm gonna code an enhanced version by myself.

// Just compared the benchs of GTX980 and GTX980Ti.. The price difference is like 15% the ntlm cracking speed 3% so i should prefer a GTX980 right? Or is there a catch?
At the 2,500 euro price point, you're still going to have the footprint of just 1 server/desktop so you may not need to worry about the CrackLord GUI yet until you start networking your other builds into it.

If you can get 980's for 15% less than 980Ti's, then you should do it.  Reason being: overclocking!

A very conservative overclock can EASILY yield you a 10% increase in performance on a 980. So what you will then realize is actually 7% performance over a 980Ti (10% - 3% = 7%)

You could also save $$ by buying cheaper brand ram, omitting the ATX case, buying the GPUs on Ebay, etc.

If you do go the saving extra $$ route, you could then buy 980Ti's instead and overclock those.

CPU should be an Intel i7 and go with 32 gb ram if you can, but 16 will be ok.
(09-05-2015, 10:24 PM)logistix111 Wrote: [ -> ][...]
CPU should be an Intel i7 and go with 32 gb ram if you can, but 16 will be ok.
Thank you logistix111.

While I was searching for components i noticed that the new Skylake is supporting DDR4. Is this important for password cracking? (almost twice as fast) Or should i pick a Haswell CPU?
Should I pick a 4-way SLI Mainboard for expandability?
I picked these components: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/dLg6t6 //Edited