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Full Version: HCCAP Converter for Windows (w/ source)
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This is a pet project of mine that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. It is a Windows GUI application that can convert CAP files to HCCAP files (and vice versa) and optionally edit the information contained within them. It is similar to aircrack-ng with the -J switch or cap2hccap but with these added benefits...

1. Accepts both CAP and HCCAP files as input
2. Allows the user to see and edit the relevant WPA handshake information
3. Saves the information in either CAP or HCCAP format
4. Runs natively on Windows without the need for dependencies (Wireshark, WinPcap, libpcap, etc)

Here is a screenshot:
[Image: screenshot.png]

It was written entirely in Visual Basic 6 and the source code + exe are available on GitHub here:


If you import a file and it displays the wrong information you can submit an issue on GitHub and send me a link to the cap or hccap you used so I can investigate it further. So far it seems to work for all the caps and hccaps I've tested with it. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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And seriously VB6 ? In 2015 ?
Thanks. VB6 is definitely an old language but it's what I've been programming in for years and am most familiar with. If anyone wants to fork it and convert it to a language of their choice feel free.
Cool, thnx !

Question: can you add support for extracting multiple hccap from one cap at once (for whatever ssid's have been captured)?
I've just released a new version that supports multi-caps (that is, caps or hccaps which contain more than one network). Clicking save will produce a single cap or hccap containing all of the networks. If you would prefer to have separate hccaps for each network just let me know.

When you load a cap or hccap which contains multiple networks you can now click left and right arrows to browse between them. Clicking save will prompt you if you want to save all the networks or just the currently displayed one.

I've also added a right-click menu for optionally associating this program with .hccap files or for adding it to the context menu of .cap and .hccap files.