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Full Version: wpa/wpa2 crack of multiple hccap
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Goodevening all,
i have different wpa/wpa2 handsakes in hccap format that i would like have them merged into a single hccap file so i would be able to run a dictionary attack (instead of multiple).
i copied all the handsakes in the same folder and executed (accordind to https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=fre...es_at_once):

copy *.hccap all_handsakes.hccap

The problem that i am encountering now is that when i execute the dictionary attack i am not able to recover any hash (one hash is already inside the dictionary). 
If i run the dictionary attack on each single hccap file i am able to recover the hash contained in the dictionary for the known network.

Am i doing something wrong? 
Is this because i merged wpa and wpa2 handsakes together?

the command line i use for the dictionary attack is:
hashcat-cli64 -m 2500 --status -o recoverd.txt all_handsakes.hccap wordlist.txt 

thank you very much for your time!
I had the same or similar problem with the Windows version of that command a few months back - can't remember the details exactly but the "fix" is to use the Linux version instead, i.e. :

$ cat single_hccaps/*.hccap > all_in_one/multi.hccap
Rico thank you for your insight,
I used the "linux" version but it did not work either, As it turns out:

"Attention: currently only oclHashcat supports loading and cracking of muliple networks at once. Multi-hccap support is currently not available in hashcat (CPU-based version). "

under oclhascat the "linux" version of the hccap file works fine as far as i can tell
No problem. n00bs gotta help n00bs...