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Full Version: MH/s, GH/s, MHz, GHz: what does it mean?
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Sorry for the nooby question but is GHz and MHz somewhat the same as million possibilities per second? If not how can I convert it back and forth?
Jebus, you weren't joking about it being a nooby question...


Nothing to do with hashcat whatsoever.
Sorry I meant MH/S and GH/S of course. How can I interpret the benchmark result's I find on this forum.
According to this I found Googling https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Mining_hardware_comparison. Mhash/s is million hashes per second. Unless I'm mistaken here MH/s is the same as this Mhash/s? Anyways thanks for the help you guys were providing. I am now finally able to interpret the benchmarks I read on this forum.
Yes, MH/s is "megahashes per second", as in 1000000s of hashes per second.

H/s == Hashes per second
KH/s == Kilohashes per second (Thousands of hashes per second)
MH/s == Megahashes per second (Millions of hashes per second)
GH/s == Gigahashes per second (Billions of hashes per second)
TH/s == Terahashes per second (Trillions of hashes per second)
PH/s == Petahashes per second (Quadrillions of hashes per second)

So on and so forth.