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Full Version: again : ERROR: clGetDeviceIDs() -1
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HI everyone i saw the other post with same error. he solved taht with connecting a monitor to the card. My card is connected and its the only video card in my pc but i have still this error... any other coclusions to fix that ?
This is mostly an error message of an unsupported card. Is it included in here? http://developer.amd.com/sdks/AMDAPPSDK/...ility.aspx
it is , iam using 4500 Series. i also installed all requirements
hmm strange, but usually this is some opencl installation problem. is it on windows or linux?
win764, maybe someone else withe same series ?
I'm running a hp laptop and when I unplug the power the graphics change to power saving. If I run hashcat when power is plugged in all is fine. If I run hashcat when power is unplugged I get the same error clGetDevice. You can also reconfigure the power saving feature from the catalyst control centre. Plug your laptop in and try your luck.
i tryed that , and it seems not to solve the problem, i disabled the powerplay function in my settings, but still same.. power was all the time plugged
Same exact problem here with radeon hd 3870, home pc with Win7 Ultimate x64, not notebook.
It did this with both previous and actual (28/9) opencl versions.

ermm...not in that list...ok Sad
No workaround?
Why was I able to install OpenCL so?
i have the same problem,i saw thats recommend not to install the amd app sdk in win7x64 with cat11.9,after that i received this message(clGetPlatformIDs() -1001),and before that,with the sdk,it recognized but dind´t worked...i use 6990,i7 920, with win7x64 and cat11.9 and hashcat-gui.0.4.5 any recommendation?use or not the sdk?

ps.i unistalled and installed twice the drivers...tried to use other hash program with cat11.9 and sdk and it worked...

ps.for anyone having the same problem please read http://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=cracking_wpawpa2 ,dont install sdk.
thank you very much,this program is excellent!!!
hd3xxx is not supported by AMD's OpenCL runtime. See here: http://developer.amd.com/sdks/AMDAPPSDK/...ility.aspx
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