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Full Version: HashKiller Contest July 2016 - Registration Open!
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Dear all,

Contest registration is now OPEN:


Total hashes: 11,125,022
Total Points: 113,493,040

To register, you must be logged into the forum and be part of the team that is taking part as its your team name that is registered. You can manage who can submit their found passwords via your team system below.

To create a team, go to the Team List page below and click "Create Team":


Also, for the smaller teams who don't have any way of managing the lists, there will be "left" list downloads available.
OK, the write-up for the HashKiller Contest 2016 can be found below:


Links to all the founds and also all the generated hashes can also be found in there.

Many thanks to all who took part in our contest Smile

Your hosts,

blandyuk and Rurapenthe (www.bitcrack.net)
Thanks again for organizing Blandy
(07-04-2016, 01:19 PM)atom Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks again for organizing Blandy

team hashcat took the win?


it was 1st place: CynoSure Prime Big Grin
ah man I'm super bummed I missed this, especially when CMIYC was cancelled this year too. I need to check the forums more often next year.

Congrats to CynoSure Prime. Definitely stepping up the game!