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Full Version: Device local mem size is too small
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can someone help me with this? it appears everytime with any commande :-( --> see Attachment

I want to use CPU only, is that possbible?

Yes, read the release notes for v3.00: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-5559-post-29903.html

Particularly, the section titled "Support to utilize OpenCL device types other than GPU".

Then the settings below in the command, e.g. hashcat64.exe -b --opencl-device-types 1,2

    --opencl-platforms        | Str  | OpenCL platforms to use, separate with comma         | --opencl-platforms=2
-d, --opencl-devices          | Str  | OpenCL devices to use, separate with comma           | -d 1
-D, --opencl-device-types     | Str  | OpenCL device-types to use, separate with comma      | -D 1
You also need to install the Intel OpenCL SDK
Tanks alot for the fast help I finally got it to work Smile maybe someone could give me a little hint on my next Warning Big Grin I dont have any clue sorry guys --> Attachment

linking two models of different target triples ?

Just a guess but are you sure you installed the 64-bit version of OpenCL? This looks like hashcat64 is trying to load 32-bit components, i.e. from Program Files (x86) folder.
Long time ago that I've seen this error message. You clearly need to update your driver(s) and OpenCL runtime(s). Not a hashcat problem. See wiki for detailed information
Oh god, I think this will never end. I've installed Intel MPSS 3.7.1 and the latest OpenCL Runtime 16.1 64bit for Intel Core but now I'm getting this --> Attachment

ERROR: clCreateProgramWithBinary() : -42 CL_INVALID_BINARY

Sorry guys Sad

Thanks alot so far
Still an OpenCL error...
Remove the kernels folder and try again
awesome thanks atom it worked Smile