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Full Version: Recommend hardware
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first of all i want to thank the developers of such a great tool !!!

Im newbie in rig building but i want to build a nice rig. Cooling is not a trouble, cause is going to be hosted in a Datacenter, Power also is not an issue. 

My trouble making a choice of plataform is based in parts that i can get as fast as possible. 

GPU i can choose from: 


Motherboard, is there i want to ask the question: 

Gaming mother board? or server grade motherboard ? is it worth the money the diference ? Evilmoog says in a presentation that i saw in youtube that server grade is the way to go, but the $$$ impact, is it worth ? 

also, i want to buy 4 GPU's , so the next question is, a Mini 2x2 Cluster ? or a single motherboard with 4 gpus connected ? this is also that i can get relative good gaming motherboards, but server grade mother boards will take a few days to get, i want to build this RIG now!! 

is basically for use in to retrive cisco 5 passwords. I'm also willing to donate gpu time to help anybody when i'm not using the rig.
Sorry no one replied when you posted this originally.

What did you end up buying?
A year later, not much has changed on the GPU scene. 1070 Ti just hit, that's about it.
Interesting - I'd totally missed the 1070 Ti as even being an upcoming thing!

Eyeballing the specs and the list price, a used 1080 FE would probably still be a better deal?