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Full Version: Only one GPU working
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Ive read as many of the other threads as I can about issues others had had with getting multi-GPU setups running, but am still having issues.

My setup
two Radeon HD 6950
running Backtrack4

I successfully installed the SDK and Catalyst drivers. aticonfig shows that both cards are present. I've made sure Crossfire is disabled and ensured that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to the install path for the SDK. I am able to crack hashes from the example.hash list provided, but with only one GPU. I've tried increasing the complexity to generate enough work for both cards to kick in, but had no success.

Any additional recommendations or suggestions for troubleshooting?
enable crossfire to work both..... also the problem can be with the drivers search for others i had same problems also with mine.
which SDK and catalyst did you install? did you read this? http://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=oclh..._forceware
Blame it on not paying close enough attention to things... LD_LIBRARY_PATH wasn't pointed to the right path. Made the correction and now both cards are happily cracking away with SDK 2.5 and Catalyst 11.9. Thanks atom for the work you've put into this.
yw, thread closed.