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Full Version: Stuck in "hashcat (v3.10-729-gb670e57) starting..."
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I recently setup hashcat on Ubuntu 16.04 by cloning the repository from Github. I followed the build instructions outlined in the BUILD.md file and successfully built hashcat from source. I believe that my install of OpenCL on NVIDIA also went well.

Now however when I try running any command with hashcat except hashcat --help it gets stuck in starting up. I have tried running hashcat -b (hashcat benchmark) and hashcat -m 2500 capture.cap rockyou.txt(brute force) and both of these commands get stuck in "starting up". When I try to stop the process with Control-Z it won't even let me.

Maybe something in the installation process went wrong but I'm not really sure of what.
Are you running hashcat over ssh, from within X, or at a local tty?
(11-17-2016, 12:54 AM)epixoip Wrote: [ -> ]Are you running hashcat over ssh, from within X, or at a local tty?

Ok, I think that's the problem then. Last I knew, X had to actually be up on the display to run OpenCL applications,. If you start X then switch to a tty and run an OpenCL application, the OpenCL application will block until X is attached to the display again. I would recommend testing over ssh.