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Full Version: NVida Grid K2 in ESX host OpenCL error
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Hey everyone.  I have a HP DL380 G9 running ESX 6.0.

The server has a Nvidia K2 gpu installed and it is being allocated to my Win7x64 VM as a K260q card.

I have the latest driver installed from Nvidia but hashcat keeps throwing the attached OpenCL error.


Is this setup and hardware even supported or am I going down a path that will not work??

The other thing I was thinking is that maybe because I have multiple cards I have not configured the software to use the correct card?

I have blacked out some of the data in the screen shot to sensor some information.

Let me know if I am going in the wrong direction and I can change the commands.

It's an OpenCL error, not an hashcat error. Please ask on NV OpenCL support forum.
Thank you for the kick in the right direction.