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Full Version: Epixoip was right
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for quite a while i misjudged Epixoip's less enthusiastic opinion regarding AMDs line of fine Hawaiian graphics cards as ramblings of a old cracking veteran knowing everything best. But as time went by (and AMDs driver quality continued to surprise me more and more "unique" quirks) I yearned for a better perf/watt ratio and so got myself 4 GTX1080 FE. And I have to say what fine pieces of hardware they are. Base OS, small x setup, some fan control and off they go.  Performance, heat, driver setup (yay kernel upgrade with dkms without having to spend a day fixing fglrx), I am just delighted.

TL;DR Epixoip was right, don't buy AMD
it seems u lost a bet with him , and u had to call ur self out Smile
[Image: 2j3636d.jpg]
I even did a full talk on this after taking epixoip's advice, confessions of a crypto cluster operator was just a sweary rant against AMD. Moral of the story listen to him, even if he does forget to attend hashcat state of the union at derbycon Tongue

Seriously though, he knows his stuff, and his gear is sweet!