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Full Version: Tailor hashcat for cracking “german” passwords?
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Hi  Community,

I'd like to crack a friends WPA2 wifi password to prove him that he needs to choose a strong password. I already showed him that a hidden SSID or MAC filtering is no security measure.

To give him the quietus I'd like to crack his password (or at least try to do so).

I am new to hashcat and already figured out it's basic use. I searched and downloaded German (pass-)word lists and dictionaries. Google and this forum told me to take care of Umlauts. I suspect that most routers (a Fritz!Box in this case) are using UTF-8 for encoding so that shouldn't be a problem as long as my dictionaries are UTF-8 encoded, right?

My remaining question is if there is something else I can do to tweak hashcat for a password created by a German? Maybe specific rulesets? ...

Any hint for a beginner is appreciated! Thanks for a cool tool and your help.

Yes, UTF8 is probably fine for WPA2 entered via a web interface.

It sounds like you have the rest of the basics covered. Good luck!
And for bruteforce beyond the basics, see this StackExchange answer.