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Full Version: RainbowCat Request
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You have probably already guessed where this one is going !! Smile

Would it be possible to make a feature in hashcatplus that allowed a user to make rainbow tables for common AP’s now we have the WPA ability ?

I have recently seen the power of rainbow tables and I would dearly love hashcatplus to be able to make these files. Also a feature to run rainbow tables against .hcaps.

Thank you.
nowadays there are no more "common AP's". by default, new ap's have a random value or mac-addess inside their essid so that this technique will not work. this is a waste of time.
You are of course correct, I do however see quite a few “NETGEAR” ap’s myself but I admit they are dwindling. As I have mentioned before I am only playing with all this as a hobby so I am just looking for new things, well new to me anyway. I thought it would be a neat thing to play with that’s all.

Thanks anyway.