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Full Version: Salt-value exception
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Hello guys!

I am trying to crack a 7zip file with hashcat.
I used philsmd's 7z2hashcat.pl which gave a hash with correct syntaxes.
When I loaded it into hashcat with -m 11600, I got the following error:

[the hash]: Salt-value exception
No hashes loaded

When I checked the contents of the field, I saw that $ [length of salt] was 0, and $ [salt] was empty.
I assume from the above that salt wasn't used when the compressed file was created.. Could it be that this is a problem for Hashcat?
I found a similar thread, but with PDF extracted hash, but it didn't help with my problem:

Considering the error message salt-value exception, I assume that the problem is not with the hash format or mode, but rather something to do with the salt of the hash.

Any help is well appreciated!

Thank You in forward!
Please make sure you are using the newest version of hashcat and 7z2hashcat
philsmd You were right, I did indeed use hashcat 3.20, and after upgrading it to 3.40 it worked perfectly!
Thank You very much for Your help!