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Full Version: Newbie Build Question?
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So I have started building an Ubuntu 16.04 system that will start with 1 GTX 1080 Founders addition, 8gb ram, 3.3ghz intel CPU, and 1000w corsair psu.  

I am waiting on my first GTX 1080 to come in the mail, Eventually i will be adding 1-2 more.  I not being a gamer or one familiar with current GPU technolgies was wondering if i should be using the SLI connector once i have two cards or Not.  How do i set up the machine to use the onboard graphics card for display and have multiple  GTX's just for computing?  Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, i'm just stupid.   I have not built a machine since like 1990

Also i have been reading a bunch of forums / tutorials on building such a rig, that all seem to be saying to install ubuntu 14.0 (they seem to be old posts) . Will 16.04 work? Are there issues installing the drivers?

I will likely be following this tutorial: http://www.netmux.com/blog/how-to-build-...acking-rig
SLI: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-6537.html

Ubuntu 16.04 will work, too.
(05-08-2017, 09:30 PM)undeath Wrote: [ -> ]SLI: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-6537.html

Ubuntu 16.04 will work, too.

Ok then perhaps i need a different OpenCL Driver than the one in the tutorial i provided above.  I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 as stated earlier and and when i go to install the OpenCL driver he provides link/and instructions for, i get an OS not supported message..  I quit out of the install at that point, just to insure i don't screw anything up. Does this matter or can i go ahead with the install?

"Detected operating system is not supported. Supported operating systems for this release are:
  • Ubuntu* 12.04 (Intel(R) 64), 14.04 (Intel(R) 64)"
I think this message is not from the NV installer but from the Intel one. If that's the case and you're on Ubuntu 16.04, ignore it, it will successfully install and work afterwards.
Yeah I ultimately ignored it and went through the Intel
Opencl installer.. seems to have worked though I need to optimize my gpus as my 1080 is getting around 350kh/s and my 1070 around 260kh/s when hashcatting