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Full Version: custom hcmask aborting aborting 7 seconds
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Hello gurus,

I would really appreciate some pointers on what I have done wrong here, I have spent many hours reading and re-reading the tutorials and I don't seem to be getting very far.

To summarise I am looking to Bruteforce a bitcoin hash with a password which starts with:
a capital letter -- (then has a bunch of lower case letters) -- then has the digits 1106 -- followed by 4 further random digits -- ending with two symbols ie ~@

The password should be between 4 and 30 characters long.

This is my hcmask file contents:


This is my command line:
hashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 11300 dash.hash test.hcmask -o cracked.txt --session test1

I wasn't getting anywhere with the increment flags at all... looked at this way too long now and I would really appreciate another set of eyes on what I have so far. Hashcat completes it's search after just 7 seconds. What silly mistake have I made? Thank you very much in advance!

Session..........: test1
Status...........: Exhausted
Hash.Type........: Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet.dat
Hash.Target......: $bitcoin$96$6f1fda9af07911d230667721ed6ca45479f1909...72d9bd
Time.Started.....: Wed May 31 18:49:09 2017 (10 secs)
Time.Estimated...: Wed May 31 18:49:19 2017 (0 secs)
Guess.Mask.......: test.hcmask [10]
Guess.Queue......: 1/1 (100.00%)
Speed.Dev.#1.....:        0 H/s (0.95ms)
Recovered........: 0/1 (0.00%) Digests, 0/1 (0.00%) Salts
Progress.........: 1/1 (100.00%)
Rejected.........: 0/1 (0.00%)
Restore.Point....: 1/1 (100.00%)
Candidates.#1....: test.hcmask -> test.hcmask
HWMon.Dev.#1.....: Temp: 47c Fan: 35%
problem 1: hashcat cannot find your test.hcmask file
problem 2: you are dead long before that attack is finished
Please make sure that you provide the correct path to the file "test.hcmask" otherwise it will be interpreted as a literal mask specified on the command line (not a mask file: .hcmask).

If you specify the correct path (maybe try with absolute path if not working with relative path), the status should look something like this:

Guess.Mask.......: ?u?l?l?l?l1106?d?d?d?d?s?s [15]
Guess.Queue......: 1/15 (6.67%)

note the Guess.Queue saying that there are 15 masks in total.

tl;dr make sure that the damn .hcmask file path is correct!
knew I'd looked at that far too long. Thank you very much guys!