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Full Version: What's an encryption for storing/retrieving a set of api keys?
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I'm self taught & making up a small program and wanting to store a set of api keys in a DB and decrypt them so i can make api calls, prob is i don't know what would be safest encryption/decryption to use.. i know a few one way encryptions, but not many decryptions ones, there might be many api calls either per min or per hour, (not sure yet., exactly how many api calls i'll be making) Can someone please suggest some crypto algorithms now, that i can look up and check?

Edit: i did just find Cryptojs, thoughts?

appreciate it, thanks a bunch.
First, you seem to be profoundly confused about the meaning of "encryption", "decryption" and "one way". Encryption/decryption, by definition, cannot be one way.

Second, I'm not even sure what you are trying to do. What is the threat model you're trying to defend against?