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Full Version: help nvidia
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Please can someone help me? I have the hashcatgui (interface) windows 7.64bits to run with my old nvidia card (8400GS)
When I start the drive I get the following error: this device local size is too small, no devices found / left - I already did everything, I installed nvidia drivers successfully 342.01 but it did not work.

[Image: 2dt62w0.png]

I also tried in linux inside a virtual machine (vbox) with parrot installed nvidia-opencl-icd and opencl-headers but it also did not work using the command line hashcat -m 2500 word.txt file.hccapx

[Image: 2namq1k.png]
[Image: 9]
The GPU probably doesn't have enough ram for hashcat.. it has 256mb of ddr2 ram.. that is bad.. real bad.
Thanks for the answer!! Should it be that, with a very old version of hashcat works ????